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Newlyn’s irresistible take on a timeless classic

Celebrate the spirit of Cooper Black with New Kansas.


Miles Newlyn helps agencies to achieve great, award-winning work for their clients. From Zaha Hadid to the Tate Gallery, Miles’ work has been part of moving the best and brightest to the heart of contemporary culture. In 2009, Miles established his independent foundry, focusing on creating typographic voice for some of the world’s biggest and best businesses. Miles defly injects his signature style into purposeful custom and retail typefaces, all displaying his acute grasp of aesthetics and functionality. The Newlyn collection presents a compact yet varied range of faces engineered for print and online use.

Miles Newlyn

Miles Newlyn is a leading specialist in brand typography, and has rearranged the face of the business more than once. His work helps us grasp the things we read, and remember who wrote them. His logo work has put Honda, Cadillac, Saab, and Land Rover on our roads, two Olympics on our screens, and EE, 3, and Sky in our clouds. Miles began his career in the early 1990s by working with David Carson and Emigre, the two most influential forces in graphic design for a generation. This work remains best-selling twenty years later. The subject of many extended articles and interviews in the design press, Miles’ work is focused on making lasting change.